“What I Stand For”

“What I Stand For”

Thought I was done all this talk for the day.
Tired of always being serious anyway.
Hoping to cut up and joke for a bit,
I have yet to try out my brand new skit.

I am non-violent, a lover not a fighter,
not of people, one on another,
not if I don’t have to be,
but I will defend you and me,
fight then for justice,
fight against bullying.
It takes a bit to rile me.
Still yet, I forgive easily.
Hydro took my short-term memory,
and hey, that’s alright by me.
Many try to forgive completely,
but cannot due to memory,
I try to recall why
I was ever mad at all.
I can write out what I need to know,
Go, say, or do all that I need to,
Brain works now, less its GPS,
and there are math, spelling, and that
memory thing,
but my heart is in tact, my ideals are in place, my vocabulary is returning,
power of reasoning burning,
my love of people? Still churning,
sense of justice? Quite strong.
Tolerance of greed? None at all.
Feelings for those in need, be they small or if great? I have seen, I have knelt, I have bled, I have felt. I have wept, and still weep, my silent tongue will now speak.


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