“While Taking Flight”


And as he climbed to final height,
to reach the highest treetop light,
his wings burst through their skin divide,
and stretched themselves while taking flight.

For he had fallen from the tree,
and flight was all that could save he,
but hidden had his wings become,
because they’d not been used for long.

And singing out, he called for her,
had hope that she would hear his song,
he sang it loud, he sang it long,
but ne’er appeared there, anyone.

So fly, he was then forced to do,
to prevent losing altitude,
for high was he, above the ground,
and silent was the air around.

But other birds had heard his cries,
and as they had been in the skies,
they changed/altered their trajectory,
and came to rescue the flailing blue jay.

To show his thanks, the Jay agreed,
to sing a song of gratitude,
and he performed his very lovely tune,
it took up all the afternoon.


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