“I Am Not Perfect, But I Am Irish”


I am not perfect, but I am Irish,
I may be fair skinned, but I am also fair.
I may be quiet, but I get my feelings hurt,
I may not show it, but I defend my herd,
I am impulsive, but I own up to it,
I may be frazzled, but I’ve got cause to be.
I may not fight you, unless you threaten me,
I will harm no one…my personality.
But do not ever, speak ill of those I love.
And don’t disparage, the living God above.
I do not claim, to be a perfect one,
but he has made me, and for an unknown cause.
So don’t insult me, I may be many things,
at least I’m honest, and I work on what needs changed.
Should you not value, all of the words I’ve said,
That’s your opinion, I only ask for same.


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