“Lessons Learned”


You walk into
a room of doors,
the room is large,
but on one level.

Although the doors
looked all the same,
to differentiate them,
each had a name.

I counted each
of all the doors,
though named,
the names were similar.

So I decided
to number them,
from left to right,
keep track of them.

There were about
twenty or so,
I counted them up,
but lost lost the score.

Each one led to a
different location,
if I wanted out,
I’d have to make a selection.

Of course, you say,
you’ve heard before,
a situation involving
many doors.

“You go to each,
you try them all,
see where they lead,
see what they’re for.”

I am not dumb,
I’d thought of this,
I’d gone to a few,
to test out it.

The first had promise,
or so it seemed,
I went into
the adjoining room,

I stayed there long,
It comfort brought,
the tunes that played,
how it was decorated.

But then, as if
out of the blue,
The music became
an angry tune.

I left to enter
the open area.
Returned had I
to square one, again.

I shortly tried
the second door,
confident I
had seen it all.

This door had led
me to excitement.
To such a place
as I had not been.

Terrified, but yet
things were odd,
I did not like it.

Back again, I then did go,
to the spot I was before,
swore I’d leave a faster way
before I’d stay another day.

This cycle I had found me in,
began to take its toll on me,
in all, I tried out eight of them,
before I found myself again.

So, this time, as I returned once more,
to that central area I had been before,
I turned my back to all those doors,
lo and behold, an exit door.

I swear, it was not there before,
I know I entered through a door,
I’d looked each time I had been here,
’twas nothing there, ’twas nothing there.

I exited the original entry door,
and daylight met my eyes once more,
so grateful for the exodus,
but grateful too, for lessons learned.


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