At This Hour


Who wakes at this ungodly hour,
hops merrily into an ice cold shower,
readies themselves for the day ahead,
while normal, sane people lie in bed?

The sun has not awakened yet,
and will not for some hours I bet,
still, here I am and here I sit.
My body is up, but my heart’s not in it.

My eyes are like a newborn pet,
still closed, as I flounder around the place,
kicking into things I own,
knowing what I should have known.

Hearing now, my morning alarm,
rose before it could go off,
putting on some coffee now,
better brew the real stuff, wow!

It’s not even near the time,
when I should be heading out.
Buying lunch, no strength to pack it,
hope I have the strength to hack it.


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