The Only Thing Is

The only thing is,
that I don’t have you.
Every day, here with me,
or me there with you.

I am sure we would get
sick of each other.
Frequently, need to be,
off on our own time,

It’s just who, (me and you),
happen to be.
It’s just how, (in and out),
we just need to be.

However, we’ve tried without,
completely living on the outs,
going on, separate ways,
using up all our days,

Incomplete, missing piece,
lacking a great central need.
Where are you? Have to share!
Why the hell aren’t you there?

Go to all of our spots,
look for you, you are not!
Wishing you, missing you,
cursing you, kissing you.

What is this thing you do,
Planting seeds in my soul?
Feed and water them too,
as they grow, there’s no you.


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