To The Average Man


To the average man I am attractive,
though a bit stocky, and perhaps a bit yappy,
To the average man I’m someone,
who has never had a hard time
reaching out to whichever one
I desired to get a Coke from.
But that was all in the past,
in recent years, I’ve gotten laughs,
I forget, I’m not a size 8,
I forget, I’m not myself yet.
Also, I’m not in my 20’s,
and some folks don’t think I’m funny.
But I’m fairly certain I can be,
if given the opportunity.
As I’m losing down again though,
I find the process most interesting.
Men who prior had shown no interest
now perking up when my eyes they catch.
Interesting too, that you come into view,
more often than you used to too.
You have always had my heart Hun,
when I’m ready, take the rest Love.


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