Being Content

Being content is not the same
as being happy.
It denotes a “making do” or a “settling for”.
However, it also indicates a decision made, which, when stood by, enables you to have a greater measure of calm in your life.

But, contentment has more than one
meaning and more than one way to bring it about.

Examples I can think of are:
Vocationally; someone may always dream of being a surgeon, but not get the opportunity to be such due to lack of finances, health or opportunity, perhaps even lack of direction in their lives.

Relationships are similar, we may love someone who cannot or does not return those feelings to us, or not in the same way. And when that occurs, it requires tactful but honest expression be given, but it also could also be a doorway to a lifelong friendship.
If never truly tried, however, it could be that the opportunity was never there to know the possible outcome.
We may not have had the chance to truly get to know the other on a deep enough level for such a bond to be made, or an effort on both sides denied, was perhaps all that prevented a happy and successful outcome. The same types of preventative reasons given above for not reaching a vocational goal can here be repeated.

At times, one may simply decide to give up the fight to achieve such, while others may be so firmly convinced of its rationale that they hold to their original goals.
If one ops for the giving up, they are committing themselves to never reaching them, effectively making no chance to reach the goal or a sought after dream, or possibly even their chance to truly be happy.

They would then have to settle for some lesser thing in their life, which at best, could result in contentment of a pleasant kind, but perhaps never the greater level they were seeking before.

Therefore I say;
being content is not the same
as being completely satisfied.

Less they forever ride a stationary bike while trying to get where they are hoping to go, some accept it into their lives as a “better than nothing” or a “better than the alternative” option.
However, does it mean that you are where you ultimately belong?
No, to my mind, it is more of a conscious decision of how to be.
A making the best of what you have,
and not complaining.

I had a prior co-worker who had tried repeatedly for ten years to get on at our company. In his mind, it was the perfect job to have locationally, pay rate was good, and his fantasy idea of what would be done or be expected of him were ideal in his mind. His research only included the compliments of the position however, and he had never explored or entertained and downsides of it. He could not have been happier to get the news that he had been hired, yet, once he had the position, once the “honeymoon period” was over, the reality of the position, all it entailed, the necessary measurements to meet, overwhelmed him, and he ended up a depressed and sad man, he had begun to look for a different line of work.

My point is this, in my life, before I decide to make anything or anyone my goal or a priority worth investing my time and effort in, I will first know as much about it or them as possible, the positives, yes, but also, the negatives, and will be willing to accept and embrace those just as heartily.

It sounds dumb at first, I guess, to say you will embrace negative things into your life, but by knowing of them first, by getting to truly comprehend what they would or do entail, you can make room for or allowance of such in your life.

Therein lies the key for true contentment, in my opinion. In my opinion.
We can never remove some obstacles in the path of reaching our dreams, but,
we do have the ability to find
true contentment.


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