Your Agile Mind


The mind in you,
the brain you have,
I marvel at, I wish I had.
The way you think
amazes me, creatively,
the things you see.
Artistic Eye, Stylistic Hand,
Imaginative thoughts,
your own little land.
The details of a single feather,
captured by your every stroke
or letter.
With clarity and certainty,
you capture all that you can see.
You paint your figures perfectly,
can recognise them instantly.
Nature is a beauteous thing,
brought true to life,
with canvas and paint.
Your poetry, no verbosity,
your tales tell of life’s atrocities.
Your mind can move swiftly
from one to the other,
with no hesitation,
and no needed
time to recover.
With all the gifts that
God has blessed you,
seems only right
he should protect you.
I pray he does, and
wanted to remind you,
to thank him for
your agile mind.


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