Love Without Motive


When I cared for you,
when I loved you,
it was not motivated by what you had,
nor what you could do.
When I cared for you,
and in my heart, I still do,
it had no hidden motive,
no prior plan or contrived thought,
my love came from my heart,
not as an obligation,
my love was sincere,
not a test of human reaction.
I did not view or treat you
as if you were a Guinea pig,
nor should you have treated me,
or anyone.
Have they driven all purity
from you…completely?
Oh, don’t worry, I get it,
you now have no interest,
but back when you did,
(and at one time, you did),
it seemed real, for a little while,
it seemed true for a moment
is that all the longer sincerity
can survive with you?
Must everything bring financial gain
for it to hold worth with you?


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