But Only For A Moment

She said;

“I am here for you, I’m listening too,
but I can only give a moment to you.
Don’t spill your heart, nor bare your soul,
I cannot handle anymore!
Don’t tell me of your troubles, Hun,
I blame you for screwing up your son.
Don’t say I never hugged you, Love,
I bought you ice cream, didn’t I?
Don’t tell me when you need a dime,
I’ve given all money to your sisters by now.
Don’t know if you are busy then, but
could you be called on Tuesday
to cater to your kin?
Please pick them up repeatedly,
don’t ask for money, do it for free.
If you should run your tank down low,
you’ll be okay, you always are.
And should your money they require,
please hand it out, I’m now retired.
And if we need your presence, Dear,
to verify that they are queer,
step forward, please, and speak your peace,
we’ll need this win for them to cease.
Now, who’s this man that you are seeing?
Wait, say no more, the daylight’s fleeting.
I’m off to work my garden now,
I’ve no more time to hear you out.


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