You Must, Somehow

You must, somehow, still care for me. At least in part, for you’re there for me.

I know you say you never were, that I am over-imagining what’s now a blur.

Though I have left a million times, as well, have you, you’ve left me too.

You know we’re only good like this, where distance holds at bay, our kiss.

For, even should I, perfection reach… with juveniles I can’t compete.

You have there, at your bec and call, a million chicks, if not them all.

So, what about me turns your head? Is it just to see if yet, I’m dead?

Nope, I am still around, you see, I have no plans to give up or cease.

So, if by chance, one day we meet, it should prove interesting for us both to see.



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