You Live In Me

If you loved me,                                                like I love you,
then you would know
a love that’s true.
If you did, it is so;
you would have
more than a clue,
as to why I get so
perplexed by you.
You have led me down roads,
past trees and ’round bends,
you have tricked and have treated
me, and have left me to fend,
you have hurt and abused me
for the innocence you sought
and although I possessed it,
my language you bought.
You failed on occasion
to know what you had
though the shell was all rough,
that aside, I am soft.
Never letting it show,
never letting you see
that I have such
an attractive possibility,
for to do so would be
showing the underbelly of me.
I must show that I’m tough
I must fein that I’m rough
If you see that I’m shakable
you may find that I’m breakable.
Now, you all fake a girlfriend,
and you all have a wife.
Or at least you all have had,
and yourself, more than twice.
And one of you is still married,
and one of you has a small son,
and you also have women
and some men, just for fun.
And you have fallen to masters
whom you’ve battled before,
some you have conquered
while others are clingy whores.
And the dollar’s your god now,
it commands, you obey,
it directs what you must do,
and what you must say.
And you’ve lost a dear mentor,
wasn’t perfect, to be sure,
but he did lead in some good ways,
and he left what is your’s today.
But you resent what he did
when you were but a kid.
Nonetheless, here’s my best,
for you have all the rest.
Though I lied, and I tried to hide
all those times you made me cry,
you were there to pull my hair,
that alone made me strong.


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