And Then…


What’s up with me?
Well, I’ll tell you now.
Been here before,
so it’s nothing new.

Have been drinking toxic water
from a crystal pool,
thought all was well
until the froth and drool.

Was with a man who
did much good for me,
but was not “the one”
didn’t curl my feet.

And when it came time to
his words always felt
more like anger and hate.

Nothing existed in his
understanding of me,
took all I said
way too critically.

Yet when he spoke,
was so demanding,
the end result was
always less of me.

I’ll look for pastures now,
where there’s greener trees somehow,
more vibrant colours,
and more honey bees.

when I do find it,
(and I’m sure I will),
I plan to matriculate,
take time to articulate them.

Study just what makes them be,
also, how they jibe with me.
If right, I will hold tight as well,
but only, it won’t be a jail.

I won’t hate on them,
I won’t berate them,
although I will appreciate them,
I will also let fine wine breathe.

Trust will be given well before
it can be earned, for,
this is the only way
that it can ever be learned.

I’ve made some mistakes before,
but I don’t regret them,
if life’s a risky game…
I’ll put my bets in.


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