You Live In Me

If you loved me,                                                like I love you,
then you would know
a love that’s true.
If you did, it is so;
you would have
more than a clue,
as to why I get so
perplexed by you.
You have led me down roads,
past trees and ’round bends,
you have tricked and have treated
me, and have left me to fend,
you have hurt and abused me
for the innocence you sought
and although I possessed it,
my language you bought.
You failed on occasion
to know what you had
though the shell was all rough,
that aside, I am soft.
Never letting it show,
never letting you see
that I have such
an attractive possibility,
for to do so would be
showing the underbelly of me.
I must show that I’m tough
I must fein that I’m rough
If you see that I’m shakable
you may find that I’m breakable.
Now, you all fake a girlfriend,
and you all have a wife.
Or at least you all have had,
and yourself, more than twice.
And one of you is still married,
and one of you has a small son,
and you also have women
and some men, just for fun.
And you have fallen to masters
whom you’ve battled before,
some you have conquered
while others are clingy whores.
And the dollar’s your god now,
it commands, you obey,
it directs what you must do,
and what you must say.
And you’ve lost a dear mentor,
wasn’t perfect, to be sure,
but he did lead in some good ways,
and he left what is your’s today.
But you resent what he did
when you were but a kid.
Nonetheless, here’s my best,
for you have all the rest.
Though I lied, and I tried to hide
all those times you made me cry,
you were there to pull my hair,
that alone made me strong.


Still I Wonder…Maybe

Stll, I wonder, Still I share,

Still, I don’t know why you cared.

Still, I catch you tracking me,

I’m flattered, though I shouldn’t  be.

Your ex called me your “Invisible Friend”,

I guess that’s true, that’s all I’ve ever been.

I question, had I perfected me,

just what our relationship would be.

I know we would not have stayed forever,

(we, neither one, that task can weather,)

but, maybe, we would have made it through,

maybe me, and maybe you.


But whom shall light the fires for you,      on cold, dank winter’s nights?
And whom shall sing soft songs to you,
when your sleep has taken flight?
And whom shall read the words I write,
should I leave them behind?
And walk upon the pebbled beach,
and sit beneath the pines?
And whom shall watch the
waves crash in,
and run between rain’s drops?
And whom shall love you all your days
and never, ever stop?

You Must, Somehow

You must, somehow, still care for me. At least in part, for you’re there for me.

I know you say you never were, that I am over-imagining what’s now a blur.

Though I have left a million times, as well, have you, you’ve left me too.

You know we’re only good like this, where distance holds at bay, our kiss.

For, even should I, perfection reach… with juveniles I can’t compete.

You have there, at your bec and call, a million chicks, if not them all.

So, what about me turns your head? Is it just to see if yet, I’m dead?

Nope, I am still around, you see, I have no plans to give up or cease.

So, if by chance, one day we meet, it should prove interesting for us both to see.


But Only For A Moment

She said;

“I am here for you, I’m listening too,
but I can only give a moment to you.
Don’t spill your heart, nor bare your soul,
I cannot handle anymore!
Don’t tell me of your troubles, Hun,
I blame you for screwing up your son.
Don’t say I never hugged you, Love,
I bought you ice cream, didn’t I?
Don’t tell me when you need a dime,
I’ve given all money to your sisters by now.
Don’t know if you are busy then, but
could you be called on Tuesday
to cater to your kin?
Please pick them up repeatedly,
don’t ask for money, do it for free.
If you should run your tank down low,
you’ll be okay, you always are.
And should your money they require,
please hand it out, I’m now retired.
And if we need your presence, Dear,
to verify that they are queer,
step forward, please, and speak your peace,
we’ll need this win for them to cease.
Now, who’s this man that you are seeing?
Wait, say no more, the daylight’s fleeting.
I’m off to work my garden now,
I’ve no more time to hear you out.

Ever Notice How…?


Ever notice how…
When someone breaks your heart,
they are fine, and can’t understand
why you are not the same?
Ever notice how…
A song, a game, or a common past,
when revisited can stab you with a
powerful blast?
Even when you’re over them,
some part remains within your brain.
Ever notice how…
no matter where we are, in space,
with distance, with time, with scars,
we hold open the wounds of the ones
we’ve loved,
incase they wish to infect us more?